How to get from Skopje airport to the city centre

Best transportation option how to get to the Skopje city centre from Skopje Airport.

One of the most challenging things that visitors have when they arrive in Macedonia is how to get from Skopje Airport to city centre or some other city in Macedonia. Always when we speak with some of our visitors is this issue. 

Because of that, we have created this transportation guide on how to do that and which are the best transportation options you can find. 

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Transport option you have from Skopje Airport

You have 3 best option you can take if you want to get to the Skopje city centre.

  1. Bus Transport
  2. Taxi
  3. Rent A Car

Bus Transport

One of the cheapest options to get is bus transportation from Airport to Skopje or via verse. The one-way ticket price is just 199 den. or 3.2 EUR.

For passengers shuttle bus and time tables, best is to check the official web page of transportation company WTransporter. We are providing the latest timetables from airport to the Skopje.

Timetable Bus transportation from Skopje Airport

Bus stops in these locations:

To be sure please check the timetables on official website: WTransporter.


Another option that you have is by Taxi.

If you need fastest transport and comfort are you have some priorities, than choose taxi. Official airport taxis with white exteriors and numbered signs await you. Fares to the city center hover around €20-€25 (MKD 1200-1500), ensuring a swift and hassle-free journey. To be sure don’t forget to agree on the price beforehand to avoid surprises.

The taxi services at Skopje International Airport are regulated by the price list which is exhibited at the exit of the airport and in each taxi vehicle separately.
The vehicles are parked at the exit of the airport building 24 hours a day, so there is no need for reservations.

Click here for the new Airport Taxi Pricelist applicable as of 9th February 2024.

Bonus Tips:

Be careful: very often can be found and some other taxi drivers over there which are not official taxi drivers. Always talk first about the price before entering in the car.
Currency Exchange:
 Consider exchanging some Euros for Macedonian denars at the airport before venturing out. You’ll avoid searching for ATMs later in the city or exchange office.
Language Barrier: Basic English is widely spoken, but learning a few Macedonian phrases like “Zdravo” (hello) and “Blagodaram” (thank you) goes a long way. 

More Macedonians word and sentices you can find in our Usefull information guide about Macedonia

How far is Skopje from the airport?

The distance between Skopje and Skopje Airport (SKP) is 23 km.

Do they have Uber in Skopje?

Uber doesn’t currently operate in Skopje and in Macedonia.

Does Skopje have Bolt?

On the company’s website, you can sign up as a driver for the ride-hailing service in Skopje, but the city is not on the list of over 500 cities where Bolt is available.


At the Airpot has more than 20 companies which are offering this service. Full list you can find on official Airport website.

Another option where very often we used when traveling is to find Rent A Car service with help from Discover Cars.

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