Useful Information


The flag of Macedonia is the national flag and depicts a stylized yellow sun on a red field, with eight broadening rays extending from the center to the edge of the field. Macedonia’s flag was officially adopted on October 5, 1995.


Extending on over 25,713 square kilometres, Republic of North Macedonia is a territory inhabited by almost two million inhabitants. It’s capital is Skopje with about half a million inhabitants. It is a multi-ethnic and multicultural society with different religions. In Republic of North Macedonia, apart from Macedonians, there are also many ethnic groups – Albanians, Turks, Serbs, Vlachs, Roma and others. Two thirds of the population are Orthodox Christians, others are Muslims, Catholics, and so on. The official language is Macedonian. The flag of Macedonia is red with a golden-yellow sun with eight arms crossing along a diagonal, horizontal and vertical, and the currency is Denar (1 Euro – 61,5 Denars).

Macedonia major cities

  • Skopje (population ~600.000 unofficial)
  • Bitola ( population ~85.000 )
  • Kumanovo ( population ~75.000 )
  • Ohrid ( population ~55.000 )
  • Prilep ( population ~73.000 ) 
  • Veles ( population ~50.000 )
  • Tetovo ( population ~60.000 )
  • Gostivar ( population ~50.000 )
  • Stip ( population ~40.000 )
  • Strumica ( population ~40.000 )

Language in Macedonia

Macedonian ( македонски јазик, translit. makedonski jazik, pronounced [maˈkɛdɔnski ˈjazik] ) is an Eastern South Slavic language. Spoken as a first language by around two million people, it serves as the official language of Macedonia. One should remember one simple and useful rule: Every Written Letter Is Pronounced. This will help you read nameplates and street signs in the cities. It’s good to know that most of the young population in Macedonia knows English so it will be easy for you to ask someone in the street to help you for any kind of information.

Macedonian-Cyrillic letters are:

A (а), Б (b), В (v), Г (g), Д (d), Ѓ (gj), Е (e), Ж (zh,ž), З (z), Ѕ (dz) И (i), Ј (j), К (k), Л (l),Љ (lj) М (m), Н (n), Њ (nj) О (o), П (p), Р (r), С (s), Т (t), Ќ (kj) У (u), Ф (f), Х (h), Ц(tz), Ч (ch,č), Џ (dzh) Ш (sh,š)

Some of the MOST HELPFUL WORDS and phrases in Macedonian:

Thank YouBlagodaram
I’m sorryZhal mi e
PleaseVe molam
No problemNema problem
Excuse meSe izvinivam
Good morgningDobro utro
Good eveningDobra vecher
What time is it?Kolku e chasot?
I Love YouTe sakam
How much is it?Kolku kosta?
Bus stationAvtobuska stanica
Railway stationZeleznicka stanica
How far?Kolku daleku?
Ticket for OhridKarta za Ohrid
I don’t understandNe razbiram
I’m getting off at bus stationSe simnuvam na avtobuskata stanica
Bus stationAvtobuska stanica
How long?Kolku dolgo
Where is…?Kade e…?

Useful sentices on Macedonian language that you can use to ask for help

Excuse me, where is the bus station?Se izvinuvam, kade se naoga avtobuskata stanica?
What time does the bus leave?Vo kolku casot trgnuva avtobusot?
Where I can find an exchange office?Kade mozham da najdam menuvachnica?
How to get to the city center?Kako da stignam do centarot na gradot?
How to get to the hotel (name of the hotel)?Kako da stignam do hotel Makedonija?