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North Macedonia Gastronomic map officially published

The Agency for the Promotion and Support of Tourism of the Republic of North Macedonia (APPT) published a gastronomic map and guide for traditional specialties that are an important part of the offer in the regions, and as they say, … Read More

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Pelister Hiking Tour, Jorgov Kamen and Crveni Steni

North Macedonia’s oldest National Park, Pelister, is a hiker’s paradise filled with scenic trails, great sightseeing spots, and unforgettable experiences. The hiking tour offers a 10 km route through the magnificent Molika forest, which is home of reach plant species … Read More

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Via Ferrata Dobroja in Galicica National Park

Finally we can say that our National parks are starting to offer new and interesting activities that we can enjoy. The Via Ferrata named “Dobroja” (by the local name for the Juniperus foetidissima tree species) is a great escape place … Read More

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Prilep, city of King Marko, tobacco and marble

Prilep with his reach history and stories about King Marko and Marko Tower’s from where you can see whole city. Prilep, city of tobacco, one of Prilep’s traditional cash crops and prospers in the Macedonian climate. Many of the world’s largest cigarette makers, such as Marlboro, West and Camel use Prilep’s tobacco in their cigarettes … Read More

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Sports events you don’t want to miss while you are in Macedonia

Ultra trail running has been growing in popularity around the world, and Macedonia is no exception. This year, there are several exciting ultra trail events scheduled to take place in the country, each offering a unique and challenging experience for … Read More

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Balkan Romeo and Juliet story of Kemal Ataturk and Eleni

Balkan Romeo and Juliet story of Kemal Ataturk and Eleni The story of unfulfilled love between Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and a beautiful girl from Bitola Eleni Karinte, called Balkan Romeo and Juliet by many, happened at the end of XIX … Read More

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Cycling and skiing Europe’s wildest mountains – Balkan Express

Cycling and skiing Europe’s wildest mountains – Balkan Express The award-winning documentary captures their personal experiences from over 2.500km on the road. A challenging adventure across ten degrees of latitude and a respectful approach to some of the wildest mountains … Read More

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20 Reasons why to visit Macedonia

20 Reasons why to visit Macedonia 1. Mountains & Nature This is just several reasons why you need to visit Macedonia. The list of reason is really big, but we will choose just 20 for now from what our visitors … Read More

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