Pelister Hiking Tour, Jorgov Kamen and Crveni Steni

North Macedonia’s oldest National Park, Pelister, is a hiker’s paradise filled with scenic trails, great sightseeing spots, and unforgettable experiences. The hiking tour offers a 10 km route through the magnificent Molika forest, which is home of reach plant species and a variety of wildlife, including wolves, bears, and deer.

The deep Molika forest is a spectacular sight, with its towering trees reaching high into the sky and the rustling leaves creating a soothing ambiance for hikers. Along the way, you’ll come across some of the most scenic spots in the park, such as great views from Jorgov Kamen of the whole Pelagonia Valley and great sightseeing places on the other side of the Baba Mountain if you continue to the spot called Crveni Steni.


Continuing throughout the deep Molika forest and the rocky stone rivers, the mountain fruits, and the many trenches and bunkers from the First World War we finally arrived at one of the most beautiful spots in National Park Pelister, called Crven Steni. The view that is opening in front of you will leave you speechless.

On the spot above the rocks has a fixed telescope from where you can see detailed some of the interesting locations on the other side of the mountain. You can refill cold mountain water from the fountain built in the period of 1950 by the Pelister National Park. 

As for where the name Crveni Steni (Red Rocks) comes from, some sayings associate this term with the years of the First World War, from a whole century ago, when merciless bloody battles were fought in these areas between the forces of the Entente from one and the Axis powers from another side. The walls and the river and the whole valley, which bear the sign of Red, turned red from the spilled human blood. According to others, the red color comes from the blush of the sun’s rays that illuminate the rocks in the early morning. And of course, due to the fact that a large part of these rocks have a reddish color from oxidized minerals and residues from the waters that flow over them.

In general easy tour where you can enjoy a lot of the beauties of Baba Mountain, we recommend planning to have a little bit more time for the Crveni Steni where you can just lay on the rocks and enjoy the sounds of the mountain.

We really enjoy in this tour. It has a great mountain landscapes and nice Molika forest. The views from Crveni Steni is unique place that we recommend to visit.

More about the tour you can find and read in MOLIKA PINE FOREST HIKING TOUR.

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