Hiking in Molika forest

Trademark of the Pelister National Park

One of the most attractive hiking tours in National Park Pelister, especially for family tours. Easy tour which most of the hiking is in deep Molika forest, which is and trademark of the National Park and the reason why Pelister is proclaimed like National Park in 1948. At the endpoints of the tour Jorgov Kamen and Crveni Steni, is waiting for us great landscapes of the surrounding mountains and city Bitola. Trail reach with biodiversity and ruins from First World War like bunkers, makes this trail to be very attractive for every kind of traveler.


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END POINT: 1800m

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Pelister Big Lake Hiking

One of the most attractive and most visited location in summer on Pelister National Park is Big Lake.With unique and attractive surroundings landscapes is a unique opportunity that most travelers are seeking.


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Highest peak

Pelister peak hiking

If you are a person which wants to conquer peaks this tour is just for you. Trail with rich biodiversity while we are hiking to the top where you gonna see the most of the National Park.


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St. Ana Monastery

Malovishta village

The only village that is in the boundaries of the National Park, with 20 centuries of history... Traditional houses built from stone, monastery which is stationed in the deep beech forest and great surrounding landscapes...
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