North Macedonia SIM Cards buying guide

Guide for buying SIM card in Macedonia for Internet. What packages and services are offering mobile operators in Macedonia.

Do you have plans to visit Macedonia in 2024? In this guide, we will tell you everything about buying a SIM card in Macedonia. We will explain from where you can buy SIM card, and which packages and mobile operators are working in Macedonia.

You are an explorer, seeker of adventure, and influencer, Wherever you go one of the most important things is to have a connection and share your stories with your friends or audience. 

Maybe your mobile operator is already offering some Internet coverage while you are traveling, but in general, if you don’t want to buy SIM card, you’ll likely find free Wifi in every restaurant, shopping mall, and hotels.

So here is the guide to best options for prepaid SIM cards available in Macedonia. We are focused only on prepaid plans because they are the best fit for travelers like you.


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Mobile providers in North Macedonia

There are 6 mobile operators in Macedonia:

  • Macedonian Telecom
  • A1 Macedonia
  • MTEL
  • Cable TV
  • Lycamobile
  • Green mobile

All three mobile operators offer prepaid SIM card options in Macedonia that are suitable for travelers. Let’s go through each of them.

General price comparison for prepaid SIM cards in Macedonia
Provider Price Data coverage Free roaming Validity
Makedonski Telekom From 6.50 EUR From 10 GB Only for the 20 GB plan (20eur) From 7 days
A1 From 1.30 EUR From 1 GB 1eur =1MB 30 days
MTEL From 5 EUR From 1 GB Yes 14 days
Telekabel From 5 EUR From 1 GB NO 30 days
Lycamobile From 1.60 EUR From 3 GB Yes 30 days
Green Mobile From 8.1 EUR From 6 GB Yes 30 days
Airalo (eSIM) From 4 EUR From 1 GB Yes From 7 days
Nomad (eSIM)
From 8 EUR From 1 GB Yes From 7 days

Further, you will find more details about every package of operators in Macedonia.

Makedonski Telekom or T-Mobile prepaid SIM card options

Makedonski Telekom is the local brand of T-Mobile, one of the largest mobile providers in the world.

Telekom offers prepaid SIM card options starting from 10 GB which are really good for everybody if on other places you are using WiFi internet.

Here are all the prices and options available:

Telekom Macedonia Internet SIM packages

A1 prepaid SIM card options in Macedonia

A1 is same as Telekom is one of the largest mobile operators in Macedonia and offers good coverage on whole territory of Macedonia. A1 is also present in several other Balkan countries, so you may be able to get a good roaming deal if you have a SIM card from them already.

A1 Macedonia SIM card Internet packages

MTEL prepaid SIM card options in Macedonia

MTEL is a new mobile operator in Macedonia. Is a member of the Telekom Serbia Group.

Interesting is to mention that they offer a package for Greece. 

MTEL Macedonia SIM card Internet packages

TELEKABEL prepaid SIM card options in Macedonia

Here are all the prices and options available:

TELEKABEL Macedonia SIM card Internet Packages

Lycamobile prepaid SIM card options in Macedonia

Here you can find just Data Bundle packages that they are offering. On website you can compare and other bundles they are offering so if you have needs and for taking minutes then you can choose the National Bundle package where you have option for Unlimited National Calls and SMS messages.

Data Bundle packages that they offering:

Lycamobile Macedonia SIM card Internet packages

Green Mobile prepaid SIM card options in Macedonia

Green Mobile is new service provider in this field. More about packages you can discover on Green mobile website.

Green Mobile Macedonia SIM Card Internet packages

How To Buy A SIM Card In North Macedonia

In general you can buy SIM card in every traffic shops in every city in Macedonia. Strong recommendation from us is to buy directly from mobile provider stores, where you can ask and get information about roaming packages and everything else they are offering. Other places are convenience stores, or online.

Note that you need your passport to buy one SIM card.

Although, this means you won’t get data right upon your arrival. So, if you prefer to be connected at all times, you could use an eSIM or purchase a European prepaid SIM card online.

eSIM packages for Macedonia that you can use and buy

Holafly eSIM card options in Macedonia

Holafly is another option that you can buy global eSIM card. Macedonia is on this list. The packages that they are offering can be seen in the image below. For more info, you can find it on Holafly website eSIM cards.


Can I buy a SIM card at Skopje International Airport?

Yes, you can normally buy prepaid SIM cards at Skopje International Airport. You can find shop from where you can buy, but once again we recommend to buy from the official store in Skopje or another city where you are going. 

What do I need to buy a prepaid SIM card in Macedonia?

To buy SIM card in Macedonia you will need your personal ID to bring with you.

Depending on where you buy it, the ID won’t be necessary but it is good to make sure you have it in case they ask to see it.

Are there any promotions for prepaid SIM cards in Macedonia?

Always local mobile operators are known to often run promotions. Most of the promotion are on spring or in summer. They are giving away additional data coverage or discounts. A1 is one of the brands that often does that.

It is impossible for us to cover the promotions in this article because they always changing the promotions.

How to avoid roaming fees in North Macedonia?

The best way to avoid the roaming fees is to make sure you get a local SIM card or  if you want to make your life easier and you don’t need to change very often SIM cards when you are traveling from one to another country, buy an eSIM for your trip.

It makes things much easier. Airalo, NomadApp and Holafly is very popular brand for use of eSIMs.

The choice is yours.

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