Transport information in Macedonia


It takes only two hours to get to Macedonia from most of the European capitals. There are two international airports – in Skopje and Ohrid.

The cheapest flight has Wizzair but normally depends on when you are planning to arrive in Macedonia and when you make your flight reservations.

The web page of the International airport of Skopje is: International airport Skopje and the web page of St. Paul the Apostle airport in Ohrid is:


The Republic of N. Macedonia has a well-developed road network of 14,182 km that includes motorways, national roads, regional and local roads.

The main two Pan-European corridors that intersect the country are Corridor VIII (east-west) and Corridor X (north-south). The regional roads provide access to the main road transport corridors and the national roads network and, together with the local roads, are greatly important for the local economic development, attracting new investments, small businesses, and agricultural activities throughout the country. According to the current legislation, the Public Enterprise for State Roads is the authority responsible for managing, construction, reconstruction, maintenance, and protection of the state roads in the Republic of Macedonia.

More about the road networks in Macedonia you can find on Public Enterprise for State Roads: where you can download a map of all road network in the country.

Important traffic rules in Macedonia

  • Low beam or daytime driving lights must be activated even during the daytime.
  • The following is to be carried along in the vehicle:
    A high visibility vest for every passenger
    A first aid kit
  • Depending on weather conditions, snow tires or snow chains
  • Do not drink and drive! The alcohol limit in Macedonia is 0.5 ‰.
  • The speed limit is:
    50 km/h within settlements
    80 km/h outside settlements


The main bus station and at some point most connected with other cities in Macedonia is a bus station in Skopje. No matter where are you heading to, from Skopje frequent local buses depart to other cities. Almost in every city in Macedonia, the main bus stations work on a different schedule so whenever you want to buy a ticket to some destination be sure to ask really good about the departure and arrival of the buses to the specific city where are you planning to go. You can make a reservation for a ticket at some station by phone or online but sometimes this kind of buying or making a reservation for a ticket can be tricky so to be sure that you want to buy a ticket is directly at the bus station in the city you are.

In summer knows to be a little difficult to find a ticket especially if you plan to travel outside from Ohrid because known to be very crowded so be sure to make a reservation 1-2 days before you are planning to leave.