Oficerski Dom Bitola or House of the Army

The Officers’ Hall is a historic building located on Širok Sokak in Bitola, North Macedonia. Construction began before the end of Ottoman rule and concluded during Serbian rule.

Officer’s Home, also known as the Palace of Abdullah Kerim Pasha, — a building in Bitola built in the period 1909-1919. The officer’s home is a landmark of Bitola and Macedonian architecture and is listed as a cultural-historical monument.

The building began to be built for the needs of the Ottoman officers. It was started with construction in 1909 by the governor of the Bitola Vilayet, Abdul Kerim Pasha. The construction was almost completed in 1911 and due to military and political reasons, it was not able to be completed in their time. The officers’ quarters were completely completed in 1919.
According to the city memory, the building was designed by an architect from Milan and one from Vienna. According to other oral accounts, the building was the work of architects from Vienna, Austria-Hungary and Italy.

Craftsmen from the village of Smilevo also worked on it. It is also mentioned that the building was managed by the famous Ukrainian architect Valery Gusin, most likely, a Belo Guardi who defected to Macedonian territory.

Officer’s home, one or perhaps the most beautiful buildings in Bitola, protected cultural-historical heritage of special importance, the pride of Bitola residents, a witness of the past, part of the collective memory of generations, today our pride, Cultural and information center, center of cultural life in the Municipality Bitola.

Originally intended for meetings, gatherings, receptions, celebrations and balls of the higher-ranking officer staff, over time it has increasingly opened up to the civilian population and has become the center of the cultural and social life of the people of Bitol for the entire time of its existence… Its exceptional architectural value, beauty and functionality makes it suitable for cultural and public events. Recognizable for its magnificent interior, it is considered one of the most attractive musical and stage spaces in the region, widely known for the acoustics and representativeness of the upper, now concert hall.

The officers’ home was declared a cultural heritage of special importance, a subcategory of great importance.

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