Pelister Peak Hiking

Pelister peak hiking

Hiking to the Pelister peak

If you are a person which wants to conquer peaks this tour is just for you. Trail with rich biodiversity while we are hiking to the top where you gonna see the most of the National Park. With starting point from the Info Center of Pelister, more of half of the trail is going into the deep Molika Pine forest, which is and the reason why Baba Mountain became a National park. After somewhere above 2000m above sea level, you will have a chance to see and explore the rocky side of the Baba Mountain, see some historical places from First World War, rocky stone rivers, drink fresh mountain spring water, collect mountain raspberry, blueberries. After getting to the top of the Telecommunication building you will enjoy in great surrounding landscapes. At the monument that is on the top and built-in honor of the first Macedonian who has climbed on Mt. Everest, you can see the whole Prespa Lake and Prespa region which is spreading until to Greece and Albania.


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END POINT: 2601m

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