Hiking in Galicica

Magaro Peak or Lako signoj with great view of the two largest lakes in Macedonia

Hiking in Galicica - Magaro Peak

One of the most attractive hiking tour in summer that you must do. Attractiveness of the National Park Galicica who is situated between two largest lakes in Macedonia is reason that so much travelers want to visit this National Park. Galicica National Park, known for its rich and rare nature and unique beauty, in 1958 was declared a national park in order to preserve the flora and fauna and the natural appearance of Mount Galicica. About 2/3 of the Park is included in the boundaries of the World Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid region, inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage. You can choose different hiking tour by your physically level or we can customized tour by your needs. Most visited tour and basic information that tours are listed bellow.

Lako signoj and two lakes view

With starting point from Galicica mountain pass, this is a 3-hour easy tour with endpoint Lako signoj from where we can see the two largest lakes in Macedonia, Ohrid, and Prespa Lake. 

Magaro peak 2255m

If you want a little bit more hiking adventure and explore more of the National Park, hiking to the highest peak on Galicica this is the tour for you. 



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END POINT: 2255m

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Pelister Big Lake Hiking

One of the most attractive and most visited location in summer on Pelister National Park is Big Lake.With unique and attractive surroundings landscapes is a unique opportunity that most travelers are seeking.


starting from
Highest peak

Pelister peak hiking

If you are a person which wants to conquer peaks this tour is just for you. Trail with rich biodiversity while we are hiking to the top where you gonna see the most of the National Park.


starting from
Easy hiking tour

Hiking in Molika Forest

The easy tour which most of the hiking is in deep Molika forest, which is and trademark of the National Park. Great places with landscapes that reach until city Bitola and surrounding mountains.
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