Sports events you don’t want to miss while you are in Macedonia

Sports events you don’t want to miss while you are in Macedonia

Ultra trail running has been growing in popularity around the world, and Macedonia is no exception. This year, there are several exciting ultra trail events scheduled to take place in the country, each offering a unique and challenging experience for participants.

Here is the list of one of the most popular ultra trail events in Macedonia.

    1. Pelister Ultra Trail

      The Pelister Ultra Trail is a popular ultra trail event in Macedonia, attracting runners from different countries. The event takes place in the oldest National Park Pelister near the city Bitola, which is full of rich cultural history.

      This year edition of Pelister Ultra Traill it will have two races, Baba Trail 20K, and Caparska Trail 10K.

      More about the event you can find on Pelister Ultra-Trail event and where you can register.

    2. Ohrid Ultra Trail

      The Ohrid Ultra Trail is attracting runners from all over the world. The event takes place in the stunning surroundings of Lake Ohrid, with participants able to choose from 4 different race distances: 100K, 60K, 40K, and 20K. The course takes runners through forests, mountains, and villages, with stunning views of the lake at every turn.

      Looking for yourself where to hit the trails in late spring in the Balkans, look no further than Ohrid Ultra-Trail® in the last weekend of May 2023. Held in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Galicica National Park.
      More about the event and registration you can find in Ohrid Ultra Trail website.

    3. Vodno Matka Trail
      Dare yourself and accept the challenge of testing your physical limits and mental strength. Come and be a part of the positive and unique sports adventure under open sky in Skopje region. Run and discover great trails while you are in Skopje. 
      More info about the event you can find in the Vodno Matka Trail website.

    4. Krali Marko Trail

      Krali Marko Trails leads through the nature monument and protected area Markovi Kuli in the mountain branch of Mount Babuna, around Markovi Kuli, Treskavec Monastery, Kamena Baba, Edinak, Kukul… This alien landscape, recognizable by the characteristic rocks that are composed from a wealth of shapes, it is due, above all, to the geological composition of the terrain – metamorphic rocks-gneisses that have been penetrated by younger granites-granodiorites.
      More info about the event you can find in the Krali Marko Trail website.
    5. Chupino Trail

      Chupino Trail is a creation of The Running Squad – a team of recreational people with different sports history. None of The Running Squad have played sports professionally, but sports have been a part of their lives for about 25 years. With the gradual growth of recreational running and organized marathon races in Macedonia, it was only a matter of time when Plachkovica would be used for that.

      Plachkovica does not sleep, every weekend it is accompanied by mountaineers, cyclists and, in the last 2-3 years, marathon runners. The paths that pass through a thick forest, past fountains and streams, give a wonderful feeling of relaxation and peace.

      As recreationists, we decided to share our training on Plachkovica with all those who enjoy mountain running, cycling and hiking.

      More info about the event you can find in the Cupino Trail website.
    6. Ljuboten Trail

      We are pleased to announce the long-awaited race to one of the most beautiful peaks of Shar Mountain, Ljuboten.
      The first edition of Love Trail takes place on 16.09.2023 (Saturday).

      More info about the event you can find in the Ljuboten Trail Facebook Page.

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