Via Ferrata Dobroja

Via Ferrata Dobroja

Explore first Via Ferrata in Galicica National Park.
New adventure in Ohrid region that provides a different way of experiencing the nature and panoramic values of the park.

Via Ferrata - Hiking in Galicica

The first Via Ferrata in Galicica National Park is offering to visitors new adventure, that provides a different way of experiencing the nature and panoramic values of the park. The Via Ferrata named “Dobroja” (by the local name for the Juniperus foetidissima tree species). The starting point is from the Korita picnic area, along an easy 1.2km long hiking trail with an average duration of 30 minutes. The starting point of the Via Ferrata is at an altitude of 1465 m, and the highest point is at 1685 m. The total length of the Via Ferrata is 535m, of which 145m is climbing vertical rocks, properly equipped with stairs. The rest is walking on exposed terrain, provided with a safety line (metal rope), in continuity along the entire length. The vertical sections are divided into three segments, with lengths of 40m, 52m, and 53m, with options between them for a safe exit of the Via Ferrata and going down on an easy hiking trail. The most complex and difficult segment is the last one, which the Via Ferrata continues along exposed mountain terrain for a length of 210m, from where it descends along an easy hiking trail to the starting point and the Korita picnic area.


You MUST HAVE appropriate safety equipment for this tour. Equipment is not included in the price, we can offer you to rent a piece of equipment. 

Flexible tour

After the tour, it has the option to visit some sightseeing spots from where you can just seat, relax and enjoy in the sunset, from where you can see the whole Ohrid Lake.


Professional Guide

END POINT: 1685m

Flexable timetable

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